Are You Selling Widgets or Solutions?

If you’re just selling widgets, it’s time to either change your approach or change your career.

I don’t mean literally selling widgets, of course. I mean pushing a product or service before you have a complete understanding of why the prospect wants (or needs) it and how it can add value to their business.

The truth is, no one wants to be on the receiving end of a sales pitch. They want to be offered solutions to their most pressing business issues, and they want to work with sales professionals they trust and who are resources to help them solve problems, improve operations and/or grow revenues.

Selling widgets is old school. Today, if you try to make the sale before you’ve asked the kind of probing questions that will get to the heart of why the prospect is coming to you in the first place, your chances of closing the deal are slim to none.

Its far more effective to spend time determining whether and why your particular widget is needed. What is the prospect’s current business situation? How can what you have to offer make it better? Can you make it better? If not, what are some alternative solutions?

Taking the time to understand the prospect’s needs and how your product or service can address them lets you lay the foundation for a mutually beneficial, long-term sales relationship. It starts you off on the right foot – as a trusted advisor who provides customized solutions that enable your customers to advance their business, rather than the pusher of a one-size-fits all widget that may or may not be what they need.