Shut Up Already!

It should have been a slam dunk. You made the case for why your solution was the right one. The questions you asked were probing and insightful. You were quick to respond to anything the prospect asked. So why didn’t you close the deal?

Here’s a thought: You talk too much!

Yes, asking the right questions is a critical element of the sales process. But if you’re not listening to the answers or if you’re too focused on your pitch to actually hear what your prospects are saying, you’re missing the subtle messages that hold the key to the sale.

So shut up already!

When you find yourself doing all the talking, and that includes all the questioning, it’s time to back off your sales pitch and start listening. Ask your prospects about their business. Ask them about their needs. Then shut up and listen – really listen – to their answers.

Listening is the most effective way to identify concerns or issues that your solution can address. It can also reveal the real reasons behind not being able to achieve a win-win.

It’s too easy to blame failure on price or competitive shenanigans. More often than not, the real reason you lost the sale is something far easier to overcome:  you failed to effectively position your solution to address their needs.

You can’t do that if you don’t know your prospects’ needs or objections. And they won’t (or can’t) tell you what those are if they have to talk over you.

3 thoughts on “Shut Up Already!”

  1. Loved the post, just did a review of Bill Lane’s “Jacked Up” and this post aligned perfectly.

    I enjoyed your site so much, I just added it to my blogroll.

    Keep up the good work.

    Kevin Sasser

  2. Just spent an evening with a markeing partner that can not shut up. This article was sent along. I hope he can stop talking long enough to read it.

    At one point during dinner he made a comment, “you dont have much to say, do you” I have gashes on my tongue, I bit it so hard.

    Obviously a timely piece for me.

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