Complacent Sales Leaders Need to Throw in the Towel

An unmotivated team is an under-performing team. That creates a domino effect leading to loss of top sales professionals, difficulty recruiting their replacements and, eventually, the poor financial performance of the company itself.

The stakes are too high for you to put off finding ways to keep your sales team motivated until the problems are obvious.

No two teams – or sales pros – are alike when it comes to what really revs them up. But the following motivational techniques are good starting points:

  1. Provide positive feedback daily: Top sales pros are motivated by recognition for their accomplishment. Feed that by providing positive reinforcement on a daily basis. It could be a congratulatory call or email, monthly team lunches, or even a formal awards program. The point is to recognize at least one member of your team every single day.
  2. Give them what they need to succeed:  Success is a powerful motivator, but it requires the right tools. Whether it’s providing laptop computers with wireless cards or regular sales training, make sure your team is armed for success.
  3. Keep the lines of communication open:  Make it a point to communicate regularly through meetings, phone calls, emails. Schedule regular one-on-one and group time with your team. Talk with them about their performance and tell them how the business is doing. Encourage them to air concerns, ask questions and share their ideas for filling the pipeline and improving operations.
  4. Set the right goals:  If your team isn’t challenged by the goals you’ve set, raise your expectations and you’ll raise their results. Conversely, if the goals are unrealistically high, it leads to frustration. Strike the right balance and your team will rise to the challenge.
  5. Be a role model: Lead your team by example. Treat them as you expect them to treat each other. Behave as you expect them to behave.

Beyond these basics, take the time to talk with your team about what really motivates them to succeed. Use that information to tailor a motivational strategy that will get and keep your team performing at its peak.