Close faster –like lightning!

When it comes to closing a sale, there are two schools of thought. The first is to deal with objections at the end of your presentation. The second is to craft a presentation that overcomes those objections on the front end.

Which do you think achieves a faster close?

If you guessed the second approach, you’re correct. In the past, sales professionals were trained to focus most of their energies on overcoming objections on the back-end. But that old-school approach is being replaced by one that involves overcoming objections through a thoughtful presentation that includes well-crafted questions designed to addresses issues before they are raised.

The key is to identify a pattern among the objections and concerns expressed by prospects and deal with those throughout the sales process. It is a preemptive strike that helps prevent issues from becoming potential deal-breakers that are more difficult to overcome as they become more engrained in the prospect’s thinking.

Think of it this way—if your car tire is leaking, you don’t wait until it has gone completely flat and the rim is damaged beyond repair before getting it fixed. You get that leak plugged as soon as you find it to avoid the costs, frustrations and hassles of replacing both the tire and the rim.

The same applies to the sales process. If you’re constantly getting push back on details like financing options, payment terms or maintenance schedules, why not put that information right into your presentation? Doing so eliminates the objection before it can take root in your prospect’s mind and grow into something that can prolong the closing process.