Existing Customer = TLC

When it comes to closing sales with existing customers, the usual approach isn’t always the best.

We all know that it is easier to keep an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one. That is why your current clients deserve a little extra TLC to encourage repeat purchases and show how much you value their business.

Sure, you can simply ask for repeat orders. Happy customers will most likely oblige. But it’s not the most effective strategy for cultivating the long-term relationships that result in a steady stream of repeat business.

To make that happen, you need stay in touch and give them a little incentive to come back for more. Let your customers know when there are new products or special deals they may want to take advantage of.  Get to know their buying patterns and touch base shortly before they would normally make a purchase to alert them to any special offers.

Focus on up-selling and cross-selling returning customers, sweetening the pot by offering them special incentives to expand their relationship with you and your company. Finally, provide them with special terms, such as fixed pricing or retroactive discounts, in return for recurring or standing orders.

Reward your existing customers for their loyalty and they’ll reward you with higher sales.