Sales Professionals Gone Wrong

Bad sales tactics are everywhere, despite the abundance of training available to sales professionals. Positively reinforcing good behaviors just doesn’t seem to be enough to keep bad habits out of the business.

If we don’t address the problems, they will never go away. So, in hopes of removing bad habits from sales professionals’ repertoire, I wanted to share a few that I consider to be among the worst:

  • Talking at someone until they buy. I’m not talking about persistence or well-timed follow ups; I’m talking about badgering someone until they buy just to make you go away. This practice is not uncommon among sales people. Notice I used the word “people” and not “professional.” Someone who talks at a prospect until they buy is the furthest thing from a sales professional. It is an amateur move in my book. Talking a customer’s ear off will not make their need for the product more urgent. It will, however, make them walk in the other direction.
  • Handing off your prospect to a “closer” or third party. A word of advice, if a customer does not want to buy the product from you, they will probably not want to buy it from somebody else. Handing off your prospect is a waste of your time and theirs.
  • Lack of or too much follow-up. Do not bombard a client with follow up calls. But don’t forget about them, either. Without the right follow-up techniques, potential sales will be lost – especially if the customer feels like they’re being treated like a one-time commodity.

I’d love to hear from you about other bad sales habits that need to be eradicated from practice.

2 thoughts on “Sales Professionals Gone Wrong”

  1. That’s a solid start, Kathleen.

    Number 4 should be this: Not understanding precisely what your product/service can do to help improve your customer’s business and by how much, in dollars or percent.

  2. No question Dave is correct. I think the number one issue in a sales force is how to sell value in dollars and cents. If you don’t know the needs of the customer you can’t sell the value of your goods and services in a way the customer see’s the value. I’ve have one more to add. Know the capabilities of your own company. We are a manufacture and to often sales people try and sell what you don’t have!

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