There’s Nothing Lucky about Sales Success

It takes more than luck to sell successfully in slow economic times. It takes trust.

The most successful sales professionals don’t sell “stuff.” They sell relationships. They understand their client’s business and challenges and take a consultative approach to meeting their needs. They become a trusted advisor, someone who has the client’s best interests at heart. They don’t make the sale at any cost; they make the sale when it’s the right thing for their customer.

You can’t fake your way into the role of a trusted advisor; you’ll come off as disingenuous. You have to truly earn the confidence and trust of your clients through your actions before, during and after the sale.

In Jeffrey Gitomer’s Little Teal Book of Trust: How to Earn It, Grow It, and Keep it to Become a Trusted Advisor in Sales, Business, & Life, Gitomer makes the compelling argument that establishing yourself as a trusted advisor starts not with your approach to the sales process, but with learning to trust yourself.

“This means you have to trust your thinking, your wisdom, your knowledge, your judgment, your instincts, your powers of observation, your powers of deduction, your ability to reason, and your ability to discern,” Gitomer writes. “You must be decisive. Trusted people are not wishy-washy. Trusted people do not pass the buck. Trusted people are willing to bet on themselves.”

In addition to trusting yourself, you have to be trustworthy. That means being honest and following through on promises. It means showing others respect by being on time, courteous, sincere and appreciative. Finally, it means bringing more to the table than just your product or service and being willing to trust others.

If you incorporate these values into every aspect of your life, you’ll achieve personal and professional success. You’ll earn the coveted role of trusted advisor and become someone they turn to during bad – and good – economic times.