Don’t let your words kill the deal

How we communicate can make or break a deal. It can win over a new client or turn off a prospect, leaving us with a deal undone. That is why we must always remember to be professional and captivating when communicating with clients and prospects, because life rarely offers us a do-over.

Sometimes, however, in our quest to be captivating, we wind up in “turn off” territory because our enthusiasm comes across as “salesy,” which can often translate into obnoxious or disingenuous. To keep that from happening, here are a few things to avoid:

  • Artificial niceties:  You may think that questions like “are you enjoying this weather” or “did you see that game” and sometimes even “how are you today” can help make a personal connection, but more often than not they come across as fake, especially when it’s a first-time meeting.
  • Buzz words:  You may really believe your software is an industry leading category killer disruptive solution featuring a robust graphical interface and open source interoperability leveraging leading-edge technology to deliver immediate ROI, but don’t say it. Even if it’s true, no one will believe it.
  • Acronyms and jargon: Almost as bad as buzz words is using verbiage that only someone who lives and breathes your business would understand. It makes anyone who isn’t as knowledgeable as you in the subject feel left out or, worse, stupid.
  • Adjective and adverb overkill:   A few descriptive words can bring a product to life; a few too many descriptive words will bury it – and make your prospect want to scream.
  • I or me:  The focus should be on your prospect and how you can help them, not on you. If you find yourself saying “I’d like to….” or “let me…” stop and rephrase to put the focus back where it belongs.

These are just a few pointers that I’ve come up with. Please share your thoughts on what we can avoid saying to ensure we don’t wind up killing the deal.

One thought on “Don’t let your words kill the deal”

  1. Thanks for these pointers – it’s always great to get a succinct refresher on the do’s and don’ts of sales conversations.

    Can I add something?…
    Be an expert: Don’t use “uh” – especially in voicemail and your UVP (eliminating this comes from planning your sales calls).

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