Re-frame your thinking during these negative economic times…

John Hirth, President of Selling Dynamics, L.L.C.  has presented an insightful commentary about how to re-frame your thought process from negative to positive that may help your business survive the economic storm we simply have no control over but can weather by adjusting to the conditions.View the entire article at: 

Action Step: Think of all the ways you can help your customer/prospect to be more competitive, lower their costs and succeed in their business. Answer those questions and the success of your business will be secure!

Sales Meeting Mojo

Naviga partner, Meeting to Win will be sending their Tips for Sales Managers blog subscribers a FREE Weekly “M2W 10 Minute Topic”. This will be a 10 minute topic that sales managers can use on their weekly sales team conference calls.  The first one is called “Your Customer’s Customers”.  Visit the sign up link:  Get your FREE Weekly M2W 10-Minute Topic

Sales Techniques that Won the Presidency

President Obama may still be settling into the White House, but already there are a plethora of lessons sales professionals can learn from his candidacy and the first weeks of his presidency. Here are just a few that I’ve identified so far:

  • Have a clear message that captures the attention of your prospects:  In President Obama’s case, his message was simply “change.” It connected with millions of Americans and differentiated him from the competition, ultimately earning him the position of the nation’s 44th President.
  • Embrace Web 2.0 but do so carefully:  From blogs to podcasts, MySpace to Twitter, YouTube to widgets, Obama embraced social media from day one. But it wasn’t done randomly. His online strategy was carefully constructed to advance his message and build and reinforce his image and “brand.”
  • Hit the streets:  Throughout his campaign and even today, Obama takes his message directly to the people. He doesn’t rely on televised addresses or press conferences to get his point across; he hits the streets and makes the “sale” the old fashioned way.
  • Command attention:  Whether you agree or disagree with what he is saying, there is little doubt in my mind that when the President takes the mic, you pay attention. He connects with his audience on a personal level, tying his message to themes that resonate, and does so with clarity and sincerity.
  • Treat others, including your competition, with respect:  Even when the mud was flying fast and furious on the campaign trail, Obama rarely let himself get sucked into the fray. Instead, he countered their attacks by focusing on his strengths. By taking the high road, he earned the American public’s confidence and trust.

Finally, be yourself. President Obama was never anything but honest about who he is and where he came from. If “being yourself” can get a man elected President, it can certainly play a role in making a sale!

These are just a few lessons I’ve identified. I’m sure you have many more. Please share them with us!

Follow Up! Follow Up! Follow Up!

During these uncertain economic times we must stay in contact with our current and potential clients. They need our attention and focus so they know we are there, and are ready to provide for them. In the blog post “It’s All in the Follow Up,” The issues of why we don’t follow up and why we should are discussed. Remember, it’s all about attention and service in the game of getting and keeping clients. View the entire blog post at:

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Advice Driven, Resourceful Blog Added to Blog Roll

The Blog: Professional Outside Sales offers stories, advice, and resources for professional outside sales people. has now added to the blog roll. The partners who run the blog are two Sales Professionals with over 10 years of sales experience each. Their short, informative posts are excellent bits of information that address current industry topics.


Good Salespeople Are Hard to Find

“Successfully selling in specialized industries requires not only stellar sales skills but experience and industry-specific knowledge. Employers and salespeople alike need to focus on the salesperson’s personal development, selling skills enhancement and their industry-specific training as well,” discusses Daniel Sitter in his blog post for Idea Sellers. View the entire article at: It is important to not only find the suitable match for your company’s sales positions, but also to make sure they are supported, nurtured, and able to continuously grow to perform at their most productive level for your business and for themselves.