Fill the pipeline with qualified opportunities or close business?

“There is a very common, often overlooked challenge facing many Inside Sales Teams: Is supporting individual requests from the Field hindering my goals, objectives & process?”  Question posed by Gail Milton at The Inside Sales Experts Blog.

Is the reality a no win situation?

One thought on “Fill the pipeline with qualified opportunities or close business?”

  1. Thanks for extending this topic to your readers.

    For me, especially now, the most important thing I can do for my Inside Reps is to give them tools to help them be successful and credible.
    Before starting on a “one off” project I remind them:

    • How do you get paid? Don’t lose sight of that as you prioritize this work.
    • Set real expectations for your field rep. Inside Sales is a science – you aren’t a magician.
    • Share the process you are going to use with your field rep. This lends credibility and they might have some great ideas.

    I look forward to your readers comments and suggestions.

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