The Sales Person’s One-Word Job Description

“Everyone is searching for answers on how to sell in a down economy. Many feel that the sales game has changed, but in reality the economic challenge has forced sales people to improve their skills and refine their approach.” According to Lee Salz, President of Sales Architects, “While you may be looking for answers on how to sell in a miserable economy, the solution is right under your nose.”

One thought on “The Sales Person’s One-Word Job Description”

  1. A blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile, just like a salesperson with mediocre skills can make a sale in good times. It’s times like these that you “separate the men from the boys” as they say. (No offense ladies).

    You have to pay for your education one way or another. Some are just realizing it a little late and some will probably never realize it.

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