If you don’t have a TARP, you will have to bail yourself out !!!

Banks have TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program).  Insurance Companies are now going to receive TARP funds. The Automotive Industry has received $ 17.4 Billion in government loans to survive the economic downturn, and they are asking for another $ 22 Billion.  As a sales person, do you have a troubled asset (pipeline)?  If so, who is going to bail you out?  The answer is, and should always be, nobody but you! According to Mack Powers,  there will be no redeployed tax dollars coming your way!  Every sales person has to see himself as his own Department of the Treasury. Somehow you will have to bail yourself out!  TARP for you isn’t the Troubled Assets Relief Program.  For you, TARP means… Taking Additional Responsibility (for your) PipelineHow?