What Are You Saying? I’M the New Sales Manager?

 Scenario: You’ve been with your company for six years and things have gone very well. You were the top sales dog last year and the year before, and you’ve already met this year’s quota and it’s only April. Your income has increased over 300% since you started with the company. Life is good.

But today, the boss of your boss (who just left the company for another position yesterday) asked to see you. She tells you you’ve been selected to become the new sales manager. 

Skip Anderson, founder of Selling to Consumers Sales Training, shares 12 Tips for the Accidental Sales Manager.

One thought on “What Are You Saying? I’M the New Sales Manager?”

  1. Unfortunately this is a very popular scenario and most top dog sales people don’t always make a great “sales manager”. For any sales person that this has happened to, Skips advice is right on the money and may help you reduce the “pains” of the transition.

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