JigSaw or ZoomInfo—which data service do you like best?

This week’s blog is from Ben Bradley, Managing Director at Macon Raine, Inc. who also blogs on marketing, sales technology and just about everything else at BenBradley.net

At MaconRaine, we help companies find customers by functioning as a “rep” and conducting selling activities on behalf of our clients. But before any of that can take place, our CRMs must be populated with accurate and up to date contact information.

After all, it is hard to market to someone if you don’t know who they are.

Having the right contact information makes it easier to get time with potential prospects. You know the sales and marketing process; simply finding an excuse to get in the door is a round-about, adaptive, gradual and hybrid process.

To perform basic data hygiene and campaign targeting, we utilize a variety of data services: Hoovers, Jigsaw, and a range of value-added list services.   Some are licensed (but seldom used) by our clients and some we license directly.

We tend to use JigSaw the most because it can provide prospect email addresses. We don’t spam. All of our email contact is one to one and extremely personalized.

Unfortunately, my major complaint with JigSaw is the inability to filter and remove unqualified prospects from queries before the list is closed. When I have to edit my search in the Shopping Cart it slows my workflow and can be incredibly frustrating.

For example, I recently conducted a JigSaw search for vice presidents with keyword “Security” in the title. While reviewing the search results in the shopping cart, I noticed a number of contacts were actually responsible for physical security instead of network security. Removing them was time consuming.

A short time ago, we were contacted by ZoomInfo’s PR department, given a membership and asked to evaluate it on our blog. Since I love free stuff, here goes…

For sheer personalization, what we like about ZoomInfo is the in-depth profiles kept on each individual. We can quickly research a prospect and craft custom outreach that references past press clippings or web mentions.  ZoomInfo calls this capability “deep” data because it improves how we target and keep tabs on client competitive activity.

Zoominfo’s lead sources are updated daily and, as I said, the service allows for powerful list segmentation. I can also upload key account lists to expand my baseline understanding of organizations in my clients’ target market. This more than meets my criteria for a good prospecting application.

If forced to pick one of these services over another, I don’t know if I would be able to. Each does things slightly different and different projects require a different set of tools.

In a best case scenario, I’d recommend buying them all. But the economy being what it is, sometimes we have to make decisions. So for bulk prospecting, I recommend Jigsaw. For surgical high level prospecting, ZoomInfo is the way to go.

Which do you prefer and why?

One thought on “JigSaw or ZoomInfo—which data service do you like best?”

  1. I hear this question a lot. When funding of one of these tools becomes a part of the equation, as it woould for any company decision, I would choose Jigsaw.

    The reason for this is that it is VERY possible to run Jigsaw for specific names, phone numbers, etc…when targeting a prospect. By adding names and/or having people join from your invite, you can get plenty of “points” to use for your personal prospecting. For further background on these same people, many of them can be found on “Linked IN.” I search for the same people here and sometimes get information which then combined with Jigsaw can get me directly to a prospect who I may even have a network connection with, through LinkedIn.

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