Five Ways Managers Breed Incompetence

The Business Pundit tackles the national epidemic of incompetence: Imagine you’re a gung-ho new employee at Franklin Widgets, Inc. You come into the job ready to make an impact–until you notice that everyone spends most of their time staring slack-jawed at Facebook. After you realize you’re safe from managerial scrutiny, you join them. Why should you work hard if nobody else is? Remedy: The onus is on managers to create a sense of urgency and accountability.

One thought on “Five Ways Managers Breed Incompetence”

  1. Please forgive me but why does the title of this post have absolutely nothing to do with what is posted? Where are the five ways? It almost seems this post might be the first.

    As far as the “remedy” that is given above I disagree. creating urgency and accountability are not the solution to performance — leadership is. Leadership is the catalyst of motivation in others.

    As far as the question “Why should you work hard if nobody else does?” this is absolutely an absurd statement and would only apply to “bozos” not professionals as only a Bozo would give such a consideration a second thought. It is also a clear indication that whatever organization you are speaking of here has no leadership top to bottom.

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