Winning in Sales is a Team Sport

Today’s blog is by Jill Myrick, CEO of Meeting to Win and an expert in building winning sales meetings.

Baseball season is just around the corner.  Your favorite teams have been on the practice fields for weeks now preparing for a season of winning.  Which teams will actually do the winning will be determined by the collective effort, attitude and performance of the team.  Sales teams are no different.

As your team faces new selling challenges and uncertainty, now is a great time to mobilize your team for a winning season.

Here are some ways to harness the energy and experience of your sales team to increase momentum and obtain a winning record even during an unpredictable economy.

  1. Once a week get together with your team on the phone or in person for a “War Room” discussion.  During this time, share experiences, customer feedback, successes and disappointments.  By learning from the collective experience of the team, each member will be able to stay proactive to address the same issues.
  2. Help each other WIN.  Each week, get together with one or two members of your team and scrutinize pipelines.  Get ideas, look for red flags, ask tough questions and set next steps.
  3. Ask a team member to analyze your wins and losses with you.  Learn from those and then share the lessons with the entire team.
  4. Challenge your team to take some time to share best practices. If they try something that is working, share it with the team.
  5. Develop subject matter experts on your team.  Each member of the team can become an expert on a useful topic (competitor, industry, product, tool, etc). The rest of the team can rely on that person to help on that topic.
  6. Invite guest speakers from your company team to teach your sales team useful information.  Have your CFO give a business acumen lesson, ask marketing to share current market research or ask a company top performer to share their habits.
  7. Review each other’s target account lists and determine where referral sources may exist across your team.  Challenge your team to make referrals a habit.
  8. Engage your leadership team to remove barriers or create pathways on pipeline opportunities.
  9. Get everyone in the company actively involved in winning deals every week. Everyone, no matter what their role, can play a part in winning.
  10. Do what is right for the customer’s business, not your quota, in every selling scenario. Winning is a team sport.  Get the entire team in position and enjoy a winning season…as a team.

One thought on “Winning in Sales is a Team Sport”

  1. Agree with all the points. One thought is to take the time to assess the talent of all team members specific to their talents and what they value. What I have observed is that many times you will have thinkers and feelers in a majority with doers in the minority. This creates resentment (internal) and does not help move the team lead forward (actual definition of productivity)

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