Wanted: salespeople and sales managers for Beta Test of productivity tool

Naviga PartnerSales Manage Solutions, is announcing the Beta Release of Sales Activities …

From EVP of Sales, Steve Suggs:

We’re pleased to announce our new sales management tool,
Salesactivities.com is now ready for “beta” testing. If you’re
willing to provide us feedback, we’ll give you 60 days free access
to our new tool. Developed for and by high-sales activity
performers, this tool helps manage your complete sales process from
prospect to close.
High activity sales people can manage sales cycles ranging from 20
minute phone calls to a 90-day engagement. Top performers have
demonstrated again and again that effectively managing the sales
activities directly impacts the sales results.
Using our new “Sale Activities” tool, you increase consistency in
prospects, appointments, lead generation, and quotes. Improving
process consistency is a proven method for increasing sales results
and meeting/exceeding sales goals.

We developed our Sales Activities tools based on winning sales
patterns by some of the all time top performers in high activity
sales. Their success will now help other salespeople improve

You can enjoy a free “beta” test of Salesactivities.com” for 60
days. All we ask is that you provide us with feedback for
improvement during the 60 day trial.

We believe Sales Professionals will love the new Sales Activities
tool for several reasons.

Easy – It’s easy to learn and use. Forget learning complex Excel
equations or jumping through a variety of databases. This tool can
be applied right away by new users.

Seamless – Sales Professionals can naturally integrate our Sales
Activities tool into their current sales flow process. This means
you’ll use the tool more, resulting in higher performance.

Consistency – By using Sales Activities on a regular basis, you’ll
begin eliminating the “peaks and valleys” in your sales performance
see consistent improvement in each step of the process.

Visit www.Salesactivities.com. You’ll enjoy a free “beta” test for 60
days in exchange for a feedback on our new product. Thank you for
helping and we look forward to hearing your responses. All we ask is
that you provide us with feedback for improvement during the 60 day

Kindest regards, Steve Suggs