“How to Win a Pitch” reveals secrets to sales success

As one of the country’s preeminent experts on selling skills and communication, Joey Asher is no stranger to winning business. In his latest book, How to Win a Pitch: Five Fundamentals that will Distinguish you from the Competition, Asher offers sellers valuable strategies and tactics to distinguish them from the competition and win business.

I had the good fortune to interview Asher recently about his new book, which is available in the SalesJournal Store, and discuss with him where sales professionals make the greatest mistakes.  He shared with me that the book came from his desire to help business people learn to create and deliver effective new business presentations.

“In today’s economy, a single new piece of business can make a huge difference for a company,” he says. “This book can help you win business. It details the exact approach we have used in helping our clients win billions of dollars in new business contracts over the last 23 years.”

Asher believes that many sellers fall short when it comes to pitching because they don’t understand what a good pitch requires—providing a solution to their prospect’s key business challenges. With that in mind, he identified the best pitches as those that start by focusing on the problem that the prospect’s business is facing, then detailing a plan to help solve that problem.

“I think another major shortcoming is the failure to rehearse. Rehearsal shows. Yet most sellers don’t rehearse much,” he adds.

To Asher, the biggest myth surrounding sales pitching is that you must articulate why your company is different.  In a short presentation, it’s very difficult to show how what you do is any different than your well-qualified competitors. But if you execute the five fundamentals detailed in the book, you’ll distinguish yourself from the competition. These fundamentals are:

  1. Keeping your message focused on a solution to your prospect’s needs
  2. Keeping it simple
  3. Speaking with passion
  4. Answering questions well
  5. Rehearsing

“Few of your competitors will execute those five fundamentals. So if you do execute them, you’ll distinguish yourself,” Asher says. “Winning a new business pitch is about executing a series of fundamentals better than your competitors, most importantly focusing your message on your plan to solve a key business problem for your prospect [and] rehearsing like crazy.”

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One thought on ““How to Win a Pitch” reveals secrets to sales success”

  1. Thanks for this wisdom. I have been in sales over 10 years and have done my best to study and improve. I agree and am reminded of the importance of it being simple, passionate and ‘smooth’ but not slick. I see how rehearsing makes it smooth but slick is a turn off.

    Also, understanding the client’s pain and focusing on that really keeps them engaged. When people are selling to me, frequently I want to tell them to stop the rambling and tune in to where I am at. Because every minute they are rambling about how good their company and product are, the more I don’t want to do anything further with them.

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