Sales & Marketing Jobs That Will Vanish

In a previous post on BNET, Geoffrey James explained that the current economy is going to leave many sales professionals without a job. But it’s not just the economy that presents a threat — it’s the Internet, which makes many traditional sales and marketing jobs obsolete.  As businesses get over their initial shock, stop their panicking, and start looking at their cost-structures, they’re only going to keep certain types of sales and marketing professionals.  Will you make the cut? What sales and marketing jobs will survive?  There are two…

Do you agree with Geoffrey’s analysis? He’s hearing stories all over about traditional sales reps, managers and VPs who can’t find a job.   And also some pretty incredible success stories — but they’re all in either quant marketing or high-level “managerial” selling.   Do you see what’s happening?  Or does he have it all wrong?

One thought on “Sales & Marketing Jobs That Will Vanish”

  1. I’m not surprised that you’ve been seeing success stories in quant marketing and high level sales, since that’s exactly where I predicted the action would be. What’s surprising to me is that so many people who commented on the post disagreed.


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