How to Increase Sales By Building High Performance Teams

Meeting organization goals is a top priority for sales executives today. These goals include increasing revenue, improving business efficiency, creating competitive advantage, improving customer satisfaction, controlling costs and leveraging intellectual assets. The first question asked is “How” can this be accomplished. Many organizations have struggled with this answer and very few have found an answer that is successful, until now. Business performance improvement specialist, Dennis Sommer shares: The answer lies in the development of a “High Performance Sales Team”.

Is Your Sales Team Suffering From Call Reluctance?

* Do your salespeople make excuses instead of getting out and developing new business?
* Do your salespeople spend more time “being busy” than making contacts?
* Do you have salespeople who always seem to be “putting out fires” rather than prospecting for new business?
* Do they always have something else to do other than make prospecting calls?
* Can your salespeople give you a dozen reasons why the market is down?

If these questions rang true for you then your poor sales results may be more a problem of call reluctance® than a failing economy!

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