The Sales Manager’s 7 Biggest Blind Spots

It is much easier to see other people’s blind spots than our own. We all have our misperceptions, but we believe that we’re appraising reality with a clear and objective eye. If only we could recognize those things we don’t know that we don’t know. For example, we easily see when our products or services become obsolete, but we have a huge blind spot when it comes to recognizing an obsolete sales process. Here are some of sales managers’ most significant blind spots, shared by

Gerhard Gschwandtner.

One thought on “The Sales Manager’s 7 Biggest Blind Spots”

  1. Great article. I was a Sales Manager for awhile, too, and these are… true. Sometimes I think us Sales Mgrs “don’t have time” to do all those things the right way and going with “gut” or “instinct” is faster – in the short run. To do all those things right really takes a disciplined approach to management which is so worth it in the long run. Great article.

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