How to Handle “Lying” Customers

The leading expert on developing C- Level Relationship Selling, Sam Manfer was discussing trust issues in business with his daughter, who’s looking for a house, and had recently said she doesn’t trust realtors. Around the same time, some sales people he was coaching said that prospects always lie. So who is it that lies—salespeople or customers?

Well, as a sales person or sales manager, you probably hedge, embellish, wing-it, and stretch the truth at times. So does that mean you lied and should be included in the generalization of never trust a sales person?

As a prospect or customer, you probably keep information close to your vest, play coy, act surprised, overplay comparisons, and prefer to be “just looking”. So does that mean when you’re the customer, you should get mixed into the generalization of never believe what a customer says?

The issue is not the answers (the lies). The issue is the questions asked.