Job seekers point finger at crowded unemployment market

A crowded unemployment market is blamed by the majority of sales and marketing job seekers who have managed to score multiple interviews but no employment offers. Those are the findings of a new survey by Naviga Recruiting & Executive Search that gauged where job seekers are in their employment search and the experiences they have had along the way.

According to the survey, the vast majority (66.7%) of respondents had not received any job offers. Most (68.1%) blamed too many candidates in the employer’s pipeline, while nearly 30% had no idea why their efforts had been unsuccessful. Two percent blamed their failure to secure a job offer on not bringing their A-game to the interview.

Most (67%) respondents were seeking employment after losing their jobs due to the economy. Dissatisfaction with how their employer is handling the downturn (16%) and an inability to achieve sales numbers prompting a desire to move to an industry that will provide greater opportunities for success (3%) were also cited as reasons for the search for a new job.

More than 43% of survey respondents had been seeking employment for 4-6 months and 28.3% had been searching for more than a year. Nearly 22% have been on the job market for up to two months, while 6.7% for have been looking 2-4 months.

A good portion (39%) of respondents have had four or more interviews, while nearly 28% have been on 2-4 interviews and 33% had gone on two or fewer. Most blamed the limited number of interviews on too many candidates on the market (74.1%) or not looking in enough of the right places (13%). Others indicated they did not know how to make themselves stand out (9.3%), while nearly 4 percent blamed a resume in need of tweaking for their failure to secure a substantial number of interviews.

It’s important to note that the numbers are not as grim as they may appear. Twenty five percent of respondents reported receiving at least one job offer, and more than 8 percent received multiple offers. As the economic pendulum swings closer to recovery, those numbers will rise exponentially.

Meanwhile, refining their resume, expanding search channels and seeking expert advice on how to stand out from the crowd can accelerate the successful conclusion of any sales and marketing professional’s job search.