New Sales Managers and The Superman Syndrome

Dave Brock has noticed over the years that many people are moved into their first sales management jobs because they were great individual contributors.  Their entire experience base and self perception is built around their ability to close deals.  In moving into sales management, they tend to think of it as doing more of the same thing, in a larger territory.  Their natural reaction is to dive into doing deals, pushing the responsible sales person aside or delegating the mundane follow-ups to the sales people.

Inevitably this management style leads to failure.

The job of the manager is not to do more of what they were doing as individual contributors.  The job of the manager is getting things done through their people.

The new manager (and his manager) needs to recognize the only way to be successful is to focus on making his people more successful.  His role is no longer that of an individual contributor, but as a leader of a team, his focus must be on… 

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