My Grade 9 Geography Teacher Taught Me How to Succeed in Sales!

The other night Randy Whitcroft was doing some work and looking at his oldest son as he was doing some of his homework. He then remembered that when he was that age, he learned a very valuable lesson which to this day he attributes a great deal of his sales success – Doing his homework!

When it comes to calling into a new prospect, Randy will take the time to do a search on the person using tools like LinkedIn, Spoke, or even Google. He takes the time to find press releases, awards, or even other connections with the individual or company that  can be used to either warm up the initial call or to help establish some rapport with the person he is calling. Before heading into a sales meeting, some homework is done on the people who will be in attendance at the meeting. Time will be taken to go through the company’s annual report, and read any recent press releases or news coverage. It is important to try to uncover some insights into their priorities and business needs even before heading into the meeting.

The bottom line is that Randy doesn’t ever want his clients to ever think that he did not take the time to get to know a bit about them and their business before opening up the discussion on how he can help them.

Do you complete your homework? Let us know if and how this has impacted your sales success.