Entertaining Your Customers

The practice of entertaining customers is one of those issues that needs to be rethought. First, let’s consider whether or not you should entertain your customers. In these days of e-commerce and Internet communication, is there a place for this age-old practice?

How much time should I spend entertaining my customers? Good question. The world of the field salesperson is changing rapidly these days, and everything is in question.

Dave Kahle, The Growth Coach®, reminds us: Remember, the purpose is to get to know one another better as people – not as buyer and seller. So, don’t talk business unless your customer brings it up. And no sales pitches, please. When you do that, you harden the buyer/seller roles that each of you play. That’s exactly the opposite of what you want to have happen. Instead, search for personal common ground – things that you have in common with your customer.You are trying to get to know each other as people, not as role-players.