Selling Intangibles: Marketing Tips

 Henry Devries, a self marketing specialist wrote an article in the San Diego Transcript, summarizing the key points he sees on selling intangibles. These steps come from the office of Dr. Arlene Diamond of Santa Clara, California.A trained clinical psychologist.  www.diamondassociates.netBefore you read these tips, Business Coach Joe White, of The Joe Factor, must say that the tips are not about the Joe Factor but about good solid methodologies to use in getting candidates for your business.  He can provide the techniques and methodology to use when you are inside the candidates arena. These are the practical approaches that work.   Some of the ideas presented are a little to sales like for his taste.  However, with right technique of questions they can be very useful.  That is just one of the many tactics that the Joe Factor uses how to ask the right questions that yield results.So, what are some steps you can do to mitigate the risk for your prospects? Here are Diamond’s top 10 tactics for selling intangibles.

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