The Bankrupt Language of Sales

If you’ve been around the sales business long enough, it’s likely you’ve heard someone refer to selling as a hunt, or use a worn-out sports metaphor to describe a sales effort. In this sort of thinking, a sales opportunity is a chase or a game, and clients are the prize. Michael W. McLaughlin believes thatlanguage of sales is full of bankrupt, counter-productive language that hinders your ability to win.

One thought on “The Bankrupt Language of Sales”

  1. Powerful words to describe changes in the sales society. I will date myself by saying I was taught the phrase, “Sales people are supposed to be hunters, going out, make the kill, and drag it back”. Total focus on the salesperson and not on the customer. I can proudly say that I am way past that line of thought by the continuous retraining of myself using the Sandler Sales System. I have reinvented myself and now no longer go “after the kill” but, purposefully help people who need my services and give them the right to say no. My sales are better, customers stay with me longer, and they do not feel as though they have been sold.

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