5 Ways to Leverage History to Sell More

Skip Anderson, founder of Selling to Consumers Sales Training, wants you to take a look at your sales last March (March 2009). What can you gain by looking at your sales from last March? That was six months ago! How can it help your sales this month? Or next March?Selling is a profession of immediacy. Commission salespeople get paid for what they sell today. The presence of weekly, monthly, and yearly sales goals stresses the need for immediacy. Given all the attention on the “What have you sold for me lately” mentality of sales executives and managers (Skip doesn’t disagree with it, he just thinks it gets out of hand in some organizations to the point that it is no longer healthy for the long term health of the business), it’s not common for salespeople to look backward to analyze performance of a previous month, especially when it is six months prior.Here he shares five questions that will help you analyze your March sales from earlier this year, and then use that information to maximize your sales now.