Double Your Income By Warming Up Those Cold Calls

If your salespeople are really looking for the six-figure (and potentially seven-figure) sale, have them read the company’s quarterly Earnings Transcripts (if the company is public).  Every quarter, public U.S. companies must present to shareholders and investors. Those meetings are recorded and later transcribed to written word.  Salespeople are under a lot of pressure to win new business. This fact hit home with Silvia Quintanillaa few weeks ago when she spoke to a salesperson who uses her company’s research. The salesperson let her know that she is expected to perform 5 demos every week. In fact, someone from HQ calls her every Monday to find out what 5 demo appointments she has lined up that week. And just 2 weeks before, her company laid off a slew of underperforming salespeople. Silvia admits, just speaking to her made her a bit nervous, and she doesn’t even work there!  That conversation inspired her article. Hopefully, by using these tips, she can help your sales team meet their metrics, whether it’s demo appointments, in-person meetings, or opportunities in the pipeline