Start your next sales presentation with a story not a joke

For those of us making persuasive presentations, there is nothing funny about the cliché that says you should start every presentation with a joke. Stories, both funny and serious, are the way to begin a persuasive presentation because they engage an audience and invite an empathetic response. Josh Gordon suggests that when you tell a story about the most embarrassing moment in your life, audience members either start thinking about a similar event in their lives or imagine being put into your story’s situation. But as you start a persuasive presentation your priorities should be different. You MUST get your audience INVOLVED right from the start. This is where stories are just more powerful.

2 thoughts on “Start your next sales presentation with a story not a joke”

  1. People who are not funny should try not to cultivate a sense of humor at the expense of a customer and colleagues during a presentation. A well placed and applicable story is certainly the way to go.
    Great presentations begin with masterful table setting.

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