Stop Selling Like You’re Walking On Egg Shells!

Do you want to know why some sales people are struggling?  Because they are believing all the whiners, sales snipers, and so called gurus who like to “talk” sales instead of “make” sales.  These “big talkers” are filling everybody’s head with junk!

Doyle Slayton has had enough of hearing people talk about how “prospects like to buy, they don’t want to be sold”.  He’s tired of hearing that sales is “all about building relationships”.  He’s sick of hearing that “cold calling is dead,” intrusive, and whatever else! The reason people say these things is simple… in a lazy kind of way.  Why do they say it?  Because it’s work.  Hard work.  That’s it.  They don’t want to work.  They want it to come easy, but sales isn’t that kind of job.  Selling is a job for mentally tough, strong-willed, highly motivated “workers.”

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