Confident at Cold Calling? A Reality Check on Positive Thinking

Before you make a cold call, do you “gear up” first? Do you get excited about your product or service, and try to anticipate making the sale?

Well, if you’re following the old traditional cold calling mindset, that’s probably what you’ve been trained to do. But what you don’t know is that enthusiasm and confidence usually backfire on you.

 Why? Because you’re talking with someone who doesn’t know you. Think about how you’d feel if someone you don’t know approaches you with a lot of zest and enthusiasm. You’ll probably take a step back. You’re a little suspicious and somewhat on the defensive in the face of all that enthusiasm.

It’s the same when you make cold calls. People don’t like the feeling of being pressured, and that’s usually what gets triggered when you approach someone with too much confidence. It’s called “positive thinking” in the old sales training strategies, but really, it’s overconfidence.

 Ari Galper shares two things for you to consider the next time you start to dial the phone…