Job Search and Online Presence : The Ultimate Guide

The blog site “The Applicant” has been talking about online job searches.  They wanted to create a guide that talks about different platforms and how you can utilize each of them. 

  • Gone are the days when people used to knock on doors to pick up job application forms. More people have started utilizing the power of internet and harnessing the social aspect of it via popular platforms such as twitter, linkedin, facebook etc. Although these platforms are essential to building contacts and reaching out to prospective employers, there are other ways the web can help you land your dream job. In this post we will cover a few of the things that each and every job applicant should keep in mind and apply to make sure there job search online becomes worth the effort. The only thing we all need to keep in mind is that the potential and the results may not be visible right away, but in the long run it can make a lot of difference and help you stand out from others.


If you want to create a presence on the social web, a blog is a must. You don’t have to update it everyday but with timely and valuable information from time to time it can help build a following and help you ain the exposure you need.

  1. Showcase your skills
  2. Share your story and build a personal relationship
  3. Communicate with you readers
  4. Your readers are in fact employees and employers
  5. If you are a financial planner, give them an example how you have been able to control your finances. People love personal stories. Build a liking in your niche and lleverage your skills by reaching out.


Twitter is the hottest and one of the most useful platforms for job seekers. It’s ability to provide information in real time and connect with potential recruiters and employers can be a huge benefit. Make sure to use twitter’s search function by plugging in keywords that are specific to kind of jobs you are looking for.

  1. Network and connect with others
  2. Don’t worry about the quantity (no. Of followers) think about valuable contact
  3. Interact and share your expertise
  4. Use the search feature
  5. Connect with employees of the company that you are looking to work for. Get the inside scoop


LinkedIn may not be as popular as Facebook or Twitter when it comes to social media platforms, but it certainly is one that you can’t miss out on. LinkedIn houses millions of employees and employers as it is a place for professional networking. Get on it and reach out to others.

  1. Connect with employers and recruiters
  2. Participate in groups and share your knowledge
  3. Give and get recommendations
  4. Create a compelling and complete profile. Think of it as your online resume.
  5. Create a group for people in your field and be acticve


Mostly used by friends and family to connect with each other, the power of Facebook cannot be ignored. With millions of users actively using this platform to connect with each other, it’s a must to be on the Facebook scene. While connecting with friends and families you might come across their contacts who might be looking to hire someone and you might just fit the bill.

  1. Gain exposure on a platform everyone seems to be using
  2. Be A apart of Facebook groups
  3. Use it to create an existence and visibility on one of the hottest platforms
  4. Be social and interact with others.
  5. Utilize facebook applications that might help you connect with others.

Digg, Reddit,etc.

These sites can’t help you land a job directly as there is not a huge social aspect to them. These sites are usually used for content promotion but that is where it can be useful. Share your expertise via your blog and get yourself on these sites. Valuable content gets seen and rewarded by viewers and within those thousands of viewers there might be someone who is willing to give you a try. It doesn’t hurt to try. Just be careful with these sites. Spamming isn’t the solution. Solution is to create compelling content with active participation.

  1. Use to promote content that appeals based on your niche
  2. Make sure to study each platform before you thin of using it
  3. If you are into SEO, digg isn’t ideal but Sphinn is
  4. These sites have a massive number of users and your content on frontpage might bring you interest from prospective employers
  5. Participate and be active