How Are You Spending Your Question Allowance?

Marc Lamson asks: “Have you ever made a mistake with your question allowance from customers?”

You know the four steps in the sales process:  Introduction, Questions, Recommendations, and Commitment.  If you have been awake during any sales training recently, you know that these steps make-up the generally accepted sales communication process.  Getting past the introduction stage and talking to a decision-maker can be difficult, yes;  but it’s only then that the real challenge begins.  A prospect does not want to waste time by answering your questions – they just want to know what you do, and they’ll decide if/when they will be able to use you now or in the future. As a result, you usually only get a question allowance of 2-3 questions.  This allowance refers to the number of questions that you can ask before the prospect starts to lose interest, shorten their answers to one or two words, and begin looking for an opportunity to politely end the call.  Why do you get a small allowance?