It’s Time To Invite a Guest Speaker to Your Sales Meeting

Sales team meetings are a great time to learn new skills, exchange ideas and share best practices. They are also a great time to dig deeper on topics relevant to the sales team. This could be a product the team would like to sell more of, an upcoming marketing campaign or pricing issues.  When digging deeper on a certain topic, it is very helpful to invite a guest expert to your meeting.  This could be the Product Manager for a new product, your Marketing expert or your financial analyst.
At Naviga’s partner, Meeting to Win, Jill Myrick recommends committing to inviting guest speakers at least once per quarter. This adds a fresh voice and perspective and really adds some variety and interest to the weekly sales team meeting.  Choose the topic in advance, ask the team to choose and invite the guest speaker, make sure the topic is relevant to helping the team sell more and enjoy a nice twist on your weekly sales team meetings.