Sales Meetings that Engage: Please Include Me!

Want to increase the value of your sales meetings?  INCLUDE your sellers in the meeting and make it about them!

Just like selling, when we INCLUDE them, they pay closer attention, participate at higher levels, see a higher perceived value and are recharged to go out and sell more!  Many sellers put up with sales meetings rather than participate in them. Why?  They aren’t INCLUDED!  Or don’t see the most important focus – What’s in it for them!!

Salespeople have social needs.  Most spend a lot of time on their own as they call on prospects and complete paperwork (hopefully lots of orders and proposals!).  When sales meetings give them opportunities to connect with each other and have attention paid to them, it recharges their batteries AND does wonders for their commitment and sales after the meeting.

To engage your sellers at the highest level, make sure your meeting includes healthy doses of interaction and inclusion!  How?  Nancy Bleeke suggests using these easy tips to include your VIS’s (very important sellers).