I can’t believe it’s not Friday

This week’s blog is by Birgit Hanson, Principal at Head-Up Performance, Inc., a company committed to helping organizations develop and retain key leadership talent and enhance productivity, morale and profitability. Birgit is also the co-author of this month’s SalesJournal.com featured book http://astore.amazon.com/salesjoucom-20.

I love Fridays.  I get to enjoy the anticipation of a full weekend with my family, doing what I love to do.

I know life is really good when I have the Friday feeling on a Wednesday or Thursday.  This week I had to pinch myself because life was so good.

It’s taken me years to get to this point in my career and self-development.

I used to struggle with fear and guilt.  Both emotions came from a belief system I had adopted without thorough investigation.   Some of those beliefs might have been true, but many weren’t.

For example, I used to think that as a small business owner I had to be working all the time, just the way I did when I was a corporate employee.

I got over that.

I now know that creativity, authenticity and a fulfilled life are a much stronger business driver in my line of work than the good German work ethic that used to make me sick and tired.  Literally.

Don’t get me wrong, integrity and doing what I promised is still on the top of my list, and so is the courage to get out of my comfort zone.

But rather than pushing to get everything done I am allowing myself to enjoy what I am doing.  I am giving myself permission to live life according to my standards.  And the best thing, it’s almost guilt free.

Every once in a while I have a fleeting thought that I “should” be working harder, followed by guilt.  And I say to myself:

”Is it really true that I should work harder?”  “And how do I feel when I have this thought?” “How would I feel without it?”

I then decide that I don’t like feeling guilty and that I would feel much more inspired without that thought.  So I turn it around and make it a belief that makes me feel good.

“No I shouldn’t work harder.  Yes, I deserve to enjoy my workflow.”  Now that’s something worth believing in.

Try it.  You too have a right to enjoy every day of the workweek, not just Fridays.