Sales Coaching Tips: 5 Reasons Why Sales Professionals Need A Vacation

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In a 2009 International Vacation Deprivation Survey from
One in three employees do not use their allotted vacation days each year, even though they said they are more productive after returning from vacation.

In the sometimes grueling world of sales, the negative impact of not taking vacations could be even greater.

Sales professionals are becoming less and less productive as they push on without vacations. They often feel compelled to keep working without vacations, to be available for every client call, and for every lead that may come their way. They don’t want to miss a beat. They end up “over working” and hurting their progress.

Here are 5 reasons why sales professionals should take all of their vacations days each year:

  • Avoid Burnout: We all need a break. Think about how refreshed and motivated you felt after your last vacation. If you keep going full force without a break, where are the rewards for all your hard work? Once you reach the burnout stage, you will often feel out of control and even less likely to take a vacation. Sales results will suffer and motivation will be lacking.
  • Reduce Stress: We all know stress can literally be a killer and no one is immune to stress. However, vacation can be one of the great ways to reduce stress and rejuvenate your energy and spirit. The bad stress won’t stop building until you give yourself some time to recover.
  • Increase Quality of Life & Work: We remember experiences more than anything. Science has even shown that material objects do not provide the lasting joy or happiness that positive experiences can create. Vacations are often all about experience and help to increase the quality of life. When a person experiences a greater quality of life, it is often the case that their quality of work will improve as well.
  • Creativity Boost: When we are constantly living on a schedule going from one task to another, it is hard to have the space and freedom to be creative. Think about when some of your best ideas came to you? Most likely, you were not at work. You were probably not even thinking about work at all, and were in a relaxed state. Those are the moments that creative genius can strike. But, it can’t strike if you are always on the go!
  • Productivity Spike: Think about what happens on a Friday when you have planned to leave early or take a half day. Ever notice how you get so much done in less than 8 hours? Funny how that works, but tighter deadlines and looking forward to something can sure help you get more done faster. Use the vacation as something to get excited about and to work very hard up until your last day at the office. This will increase your productivity prior to the vacation. And, after relaxing for a week, when you come back, you will be energized, stress free, and ready to make a huge impact.

Don’t wait any longer. Plan and book your next vacation now!

2 thoughts on “Sales Coaching Tips: 5 Reasons Why Sales Professionals Need A Vacation”

  1. I have been a Sales Professional for over 30 years now. After 25 years I was afraid to take even a one week vacation. On my one week vacation I would take my computer, hind it from my family and sneak off when I could and check email and send replies. This was crazy. I worked with a fellow who took two weeks for many years and he would tell how great it was. Being a top performer I was not willing to risk it. I mustard up the courage to take a two week vacation and no computer. Well I did it, jumped out there and ahead off for two weeks. I could not believe it. When I got back I got back to work refreshed and ready to go. And you know what I still remained a top perform and a happier family man. Don’t short change yourself or your family take the time off. The business will be there.

  2. Mark,

    Thank you so much for sharing this inspirational story. You are exactly right, “…don’t short change yourself or your family, take the time off. The business will be there.” I could not have said it any better than that. I just returned from vacation myself (taking my own advice) and I truly feel refreshed as well!

    So, when is your next vacation planned for? :)


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