Confronting Rejection

In the sales profession, the “fear of rejection” tops the list of reasons why people avoid sales as a career choice. After 25 years of selling, sales expert Cathy Jackson still gets disappointed when business opportunities don’t materialize in her favor. After all, selling means accumulating a lot of “No’s” before getting a “Yes.” Little by little, chipping away at your self-esteem and self-confidence creating a self-doubt spiral about your career choice, your goals, and your self.

Don’t get caught up in the notion that your sales career is burdened with the “fear of rejection.” Labels like rejection, stress, anxiety, esteem are word games and does nothing to enlighten, instruct, or give you directions on what to do about it. When somebody tells you to face and overcome your fears of failure or rejection to increase your sales, then Dudley and Goodson recommend putting it through the MAD (“Make a Difference”) test. Does it make any difference to use this word or label to describe what is happening? Does it point you in a helpful direction? Does it provide a solution? Does it provide meaningful guidance? Providing the answers to these questions will identify the emotional reaction (physical contents) and allow you to apply appropriate procedures to change your behavior.