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Original Post: Matthew Schwartz, Editor, Follow the Lead, The ZoomInfo B2B Sales and Marketing Blog

The skill sets for b-to-b sales and marketing executives are changing at a rapid clip, as inbound marketing has started to gain on outbound marketing, or traditional methods of generating lead-gen revenue such as cold calling and face-to-face meetings.

One of the key changes is what is being referred to in business precincts as the “marketer-as-publisher model.” Because of the Internet b-to-b marketing executives – and, to a large degree, b-to-b sales reps – are on the hook to produce, package and push a wide variety of content (across multiple channels) that will appeal to both existing buyers and prospects.

However, few b-to-b organizations have the resources to manage (and maintain) the amount of content they’re starting to produce (and share). HiveFire, which was founded in 2007, is betting that its new product will help take b-to-b content management to a new level.

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