Building a Smarter Leads List

So, your company isn’t helping you generate quality leads?  I bet they bought you a list of thousands of leads, dumped them into a database, and said, “Go to work.” …and there you are “dialing for dollars,” making hundreds of calls hoping someone will answer the phone… and when they do, you enthusiastically ask for the name you have on your list and hear, “Who?  That person hasn’t worked here for six years.”

That’s not a great way to build credibility… is it?

You go to your boss and ask for help.  You say, “I’m willing to crank the phones, but I need better leads,” and you hear, “Stop being negative, that’s just how it is in sales.”

Doyle Slayton explains that it’s time to take matters into your own hands!  Step away from the phones for just one day and take these three actions…