No, There Are Not Any Secrets To Closing More Sales

Founder and President of Sales Training And Results, Inc. (STAR) Bill McCormick’s search found that there are over 9 million results in a “secrets to closing” google web search. And, no, this article isn’t about the top 4 hidden secrets to closing more sales. That is because he doesn’t believe that there is some special magical mystery to being effective at closing more sales. The challenge (not secret) lies in having the perseverance or following through to use a system that works. This article will highlight four simple and straightforward methods or choices used by sales professionals to close more sales. Depending on the type of product/service that you sell and the duration of your sales cycle, you may find that some of these methods work better for you than others. Pick and choose the method that fits best for your business and sales approach. Please also keep in mind that you often can combine two or more of these methods in the same conversation with a prospective customer.