A Warning to Ad Network Sales Professionals: Slow Down!

Though they have been around for years, advertising networks recently reached a pinnacle in terms of customer demand and market trends. This popularity has top sales professionals not only flocking to these positions but also giving in to the temptation of the lucrative deals being dangled before them by recruiters seeking to steal the best and the brightest to staff their client companies.

Unfortunately, many of these job-hopping ad network pros may soon discover that multiple positions in this hot niche don’t look so hot on their resumes. They may have been aggressively recruited to those greener pastures, but by quickly deserting one opportunity in favor of another they are demonstrating a lack of loyalty and dedication – and are missing the chance to build a track record of success that sets them apart from the pack.

Similar to an online public relations agency, ad networks give companies extensive market reach for a fraction of the cost compared to buying advertisements directly from each online outlet. That is because ad networks allow media buyers to efficiently coordinate ad campaigns across multiple websites. This, in turn, allows ad buyers to reach broad online audiences easily through run-of-category and run-of-network buys.

While opportunities abound in this market, sales professionals should consider their options carefully before jumping ship. With 80% of candidates in the ad network environment labeled as “fluid job hoppers,” it is a trend that is reminiscent of the rapid turnover of software sales pros during that industry’s boom.

The software boom ended and many stars found themselves all but unemployable because of their spotty track records and lack of company or customer loyalty.

That is why ad network sales representatives should learn from their software counterparts’ mistakes and be wary about jumping at every new opportunity. When the boom ends, they’ll find themselves competing – mostly unsuccessfully – with those few true professionals who stayed the course at their existing companies and took the time to nurture long-term relationships.

Thus my advice to all ad network sales professionals is: slow down! Don’t let your ego drive your career into the ground. Instead, stay the course at your existing organization and learn to grow your and their revenue. By acquiring long-term success, you will establish a track record that will ultimately advance your career.

I also have some advice for companies seeking to hire top ad network sales talent. Despite the high percentage of job hoppers, there are true professionals out there. The best way to find them is to partner with a recruitment firm that has a proven track record of success in this niche market. The best firms will not only vet out job hoppers but will also make sure they match the right professional with the client organization’s needs.