7 Keys to Opening the Conversion Door – By Donnie Bryant

1) Exhibit genuine interest in finding out and understanding your prospect’s inner motivations. This isn’t manipulation. Let him know that you’re working to find out what he wants and needs.

2) Establish trust. When working on the first step, your prospect will begin to notice something unique about you. You’re not trying to “technique” him. You truly want to help. Trust begins to develop naturally.

3) Apply your product/service to the point where it meets your prospect’s needs and desires. Never try to fight his inner motivations. Your reasons for selling are often different from the reasons he’s buying. But who’s holding the credit card?

4) Appeal to the emotions behind those motivators you’ve discovered. Again, this is not manipulation. As sophisticated as we modern folk are, making a purchase is still a visceral experience. Just ask anyone who believes in “retail therapy.”

5) Give “reasons why.” Help him explain his irrational decision-making process with rational reasons why he’s making an intelligent choice. He has to be able to explain the purchase to his wife when he gets home…

6) Maintain credibility. At this point, he’s selling himself. It is essential to maintain integrity throughout your interaction. Don’t give any reason for him to doubt your intentions. Your intentions are honest, right?

7) Let the decision be his. Perhaps Jeffery Gittomer said it best: “People hate to be sold, but they love to buy.” Pressure tactics are destructive more often than they are helpful, especially when you’d like to build an on-going relationship.

  • Many salespeople were trained to look at selling as a battle. Salesman versus potential customer. There really is a better way. Once you understand how conversion takes place in the mind of a prospect, you’ll see that working together is the easiest, most profitable and most rewarding way to sell.
  • Your customer needs what you have to offer. Why do you keep bringing weapons (i.e. sales techniques) to convince him?

About the Author:  Donnie Bryant is a copywriter located near Chicago, IL  If you’re looking for someone who can make your web copy more compelling, Donnie can be reached at DonnieBryant.com

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