Featured Company Q&A: LITTLE TREE(S)

This month’s Featured Company Q&A is with Elizabeth Perry, Vice President of Marketing for LITTLE TREE(S),
an international air freshener manufacturer famous for its pine tree shaped car fresheners. LITTLE TREE(S)
distributes air fresheners world-wide with manufacturing headquarters in New York, New Hampshire,
Iowa, Italy, Switzerland and Sweden. Elizabeth shares with us her insight into the LITTLE TREE(S) marketing

What do you enjoy most about working for LITTLE TREE?
I really enjoy that LITTLE TREE is a relatively small company, which focuses on brand recognition. It is really exciting to be part of a product that is world renowned, and always has a story to go along with it.

What unique quality separates LITTLE TREE(S) from your competitors?
Our fresheners are a fun, quality, feel good product, and we work hard to focus on creating strong brand awareness. LITTLE TREE air freshener as a product provides customers what is expected; long lasting smell, and a positive experience while using the tree.

What would you like salesjournal.com readers to know about LITTLE TREE(S)?
We have over 50 fragrances, so no matter your preference; we have something for the consumer.
Last month we launched our newest scent, “cotton candy.”
The LITTLE TREE air freshener is primarily associated with auto-air fresheners, but remember…they can be used anywhere from bathrooms, to basements.

What specific goals, including those related to your specific position within the company, have you established for Q 4 2010?
We are constantly working aggressively toward our goal of launching new products and fragrances, and will be following that action plan forward into Q4 2010.

What creative strategies have you used to Market LITTLE TREE(S)?
Putting the product in the hands of the consumer has been a key factor in our marketing strategy for years. We do a lot of creative give-away type of promotions.

For example: A few years back we did a “birthday card” promotion, and sent new drivers (16 year olds) a birthday card with The LITTLE TREE inside. That allowed us to target the new generation of drivers, focus on customer loyalty, and work toward our goal of continuous strengthening of our brand recognition.

Currently we are running a “Green Campaign” in partnership with The Arbor Day Foundation, encouraging people to plant trees. The promotion offered allows our customers to receive a sapling with proof of purchase of six LITTLE TREE air fresheners. Visit our website for more details.

How has marketing at LITTLE TREE changed over the years?
For a while we really didn’t do any “marketing” so to speak. The LITTLE TREE air freshener is an impulse item purchase, so we focused on product placement with our retailers, and that has been key. We are sales driven, but over the years we have worked harder at getting the product in front of consumers.

Do you have a mentor that you contribute your leadership success to? Do you feel it is important to have a mentor?
I personally don’t have a mentor, but my philosophy is that it is important to take time to learn from everyone you meet along the way in your career. It is important to pay attention to their successes and failures, to assist you along your path.

What marketing advice do you have to offer our readers?
In marketing, it is important to step back and make sure “cool” ideas meet the goals and ideas of the brand. It is easy to get “caught up” in the “glitzy hype” of all things “marketing,” but you have to keep the brand and product in mind. Keep your focus and target the success of each campaign to suit the needs of your marketing goal.