“The Missing 98%” – A Business Execution Webinar.

Brian Dewil of RESULTS.com, Business Execution Experts, would like to invite you to a webinar particularly designed for directors, business owners, strategic decision makers and those who want to do business better.  You will get great benefit from this webinar. It is complimentary, an hour long and is called “The Missing 98%”. Results.com started this webinar series at the beginning of the year with one every 2 months. The demand for more business education type webinars has allowed them to run this series more frequently, on a weekly basis.

Over the last couple of years, as a company, they have brought world renowned business leaders such as Tom Peters and Jack Daly to New Zealand. Their visits have been a tremendous success and a great contribution to NZ business. A follow-on of this contribution to the NZ business community is our seminar and webinar series where they partner with the likes of Westpac and Telecom and run throughout the year.

Recent research is clearly showing that following a recession, there’s a shift in market share positions. We’re also seeing unprecedented change in technology that is radically changing (and sometimes even eliminating) certain markets.

This 1 hour webinar will reveal the changes taking place in business – but more importantly, how you can grow your market share during this unique time. The key is to simplify your business strategy, and make execution your number one priority.

At the end of this webinar, you’ll come away with a 1-page Strategic Execution Template that maps the way forward for your business. You’ll also learn from real-world examples, both from NZ and overseas, of businesses who are executing these strategies with impressive results.

Please register at Business Execution webinar for 9am, Tuesday 19th Oct 2010. (Do not worry about the date displaying 18th Oct on the registration page– it is for international audiences)

Webinars have become a very effective and popular platform to run online workshops and seminars such as these. If you have not attended a webinar before and need assistance in how to set up please contact me. It is not too difficult at all. Once you register you will also receive an email on how to setup.