Why it Sucks to be a Natural-Born Influencer

“You are a natural-born sales person.”
“Are you in sales? You should be.”
“You could sell ice to an Eskimo.”

Long before Kelley Robertson got into sales, she heard comments like this and she always viewed them as a negative because the last thing she wanted to be was a salesperson. After all, sales people are pushy, self-serving, unconcerned with others, and focus solely on their own agenda. Right?

Many sales people are perceived as possessing the ability to manipulate a conversation so they can get their prospect or customer to agree. In fact, there are dozens of courses that teach people how to use words, questions, statements and approaches to influence someone’s decision. While Kelley finds these programs fascinating, she doesn’t believe that professional sales people need to resort to these tactics in order influence their prospects and customers.