Featured Company: Whitepages.com/Dealpop.com

This month’s Featured Company Q&A is with Cindy Hewitt, Sales Development Manager for Whitepages.com/Dealpop.com, the world’s largest and most trusted source for people’s contact information, now offering savings through DealPop.com. Every day, DealPop from WhitePages brings consumers a different deal on all kinds of stuff, providing consumers not only with incredible values, but the opportunity to discover great new things to see, cool places to eat and awesome places to shop right in their backyard.  Cindy shares with us her insight into the Whitepages.com/Dealpop.com sales process.

What do you enjoy most about working for WhitePages.com/Dealpop.com?
WhitePages is an innovative and entrepreneurial company that values employees, collaboration and we work and play hard.  DealPop is an example of WhitePages’ entrepreneurial spirit to bring value to our local merchants and community while staying true to our core products.

What do you enjoy most about what you do?
Building a service with an extremely passionate yet small group of professionals that care about growing our local merchants’ customer base while offering value to our customers across the nation in discovering quality and unique products and services.   One of WhitePages’ values is hiring the best people and empowering teams to make decisions, take action and be accountable for results, which is a very motivating and inspiring environment to thrive in.

What unique quality separates WhitePages.com/Dealpop.com from competitors?
DealPop has a meaningful advantage over our competitors as a result of the integration with WhitePages.  WhitePages is a Top 50 website with over 20 million unique users and 350 million page views per month.   

DealPop provides the following for our local and nationwide Merchants:

  • Thousands of merchant branded impressions on WhitePages
  • Social Media outreach for every Merchant offer
  • Premium business contact information features on WhitePages
  • Provide strategic customer retention consultation

Why did WhitePages.com decide to launch Dealpop.com?
WhitePages has been connecting people to businesses for over 10 years.  DealPop provides an opportunity for WhitePages to take this connection one step further in local markets while bringing value to both the merchants and DealPop customers.

How do you think consumers can benefit from using Dealpop.com?
DealPop provides a way for consumers to explore or re-discover their cities and neighborhoods at a savings.  DealPop is an advantage for consumers to try a recommended restaurant but have not had the chance to go to, get a massage from a new salon or partake in a city attraction and enjoy being a tourist in their own city.  We have a genuine interest in helping our DealPop customers to enjoy where they live just a little more by selecting high quality merchants to be featured on our site.
Please explain the best way that businesses can benefit from WhitePages.com.
Beyond DealPop, WhitePages offers display advertising units with strategic targeting capabilities to maximize the marketing reach to a specific audience.  We have 100 million searches for both businesses and people each month which indicates WhitePages is a valued resource for contact information.  Businesses should confirm they are listed on WhitePages so they have an opportunity to be a consumer choice.

We are all coming off of a challenging year due to the economy, how has Whitepages.com handled it?
Being nimble and innovative in leveraging existing and new products that bring value to our users and clients.�
What is your planned expansion for Dealpop.com in 4th Q 2010 and 1st Q 2011?  �
We plan to expand and provide meaningful integration into WhitePages products to benefit both customers and merchants alike.

What would you like SalesJournal.com readers to know about Whitepages.com/Dealpop.com?
WhitePages/DealPop.com is brimming with outstanding talent and leadership.  WhitePages is focused on results, productivity and collaboration which is emulated on a daily basis through the passion of our teams.  We take pride in participating in charitable events to build stronger communities and building meaningful relationships within our business community as well.

As the Manager of the Buyer Team, what specific goals within the company have you established for 4th Q 2010 and 1st Q 2011?
Continue to focus on great service our clients’ value, driving new customers to our DealPop merchants, bringing the best merchants with compelling offers while being relevant to our DealPop customers.

What current strategies are you using to encourage/influence the growth of your sales team?
Professional growth is an ongoing priority for our entire team and there is a mix of strategies we employ.  Part of the strategy is the empowerment of each Buyer to drive their own growth through self-assessment and we work towards their goals together.  Providing leadership opportunities on projects or during sales meetings and encouraging Buyers to provide input on market direction and strategy is key.
Are there any leadership related books that you use as a guide and/or would recommend?
Leadership is an Art by Max DePree

Do you have a mentor that you contribute your leadership success to? Do you feel it is important to have a mentor?
There is not one person in particular but a combination of very passionate, caring and intelligent people that have positively influenced my thoughts, values and leadership style.  However, my parents were my greatest mentors in teaching me to do the right things vs. things right, live by the Golden Rule and do what you say you will do. Mentors are always important since there will always be more to learn and perspectives to gain.