Don’t Let a Bad Attitude Ruin Your Job Search

Original post: Simply Blog – October 22, 2010

While a prolonged job search can be frustrating, sharing negative feelings with a recruiter or hiring manager about the search process or your previous employer can cost you the job. In fact, having a great attitude and enthusiasm are qualities that employers look for in the people they hire. People want to work with others who are positive and passionate about their work, and who outwardly show it.

Here’s how to display a positive attitude to employers:

Show enthusiasm for the job to which you’re applying. Research the company before the interview, and come prepared with questions about the company, team and position. Tell your interviewer how your specific combination of experience and education makes you the perfect person for that particular job, and adds value to the organization.

Look and act confident during an interview. When meeting your interviewer, greet them with a strong, firm handshake. Keep engaged and confident during the interview by smiling, making eye contact with the interviewer, and maintaining good posture.

Don’t take it personally if you don’t get the job. It is not an attack on your skills or personality; rather, there may be a number of reasons outside of your control for why you were not hired. For example, they may have found someone within the company who could take on the role, decided to focus on building up other areas of the company first, or found someone who was a better fit for the position.

Although a prolonged job search can be discouraging, it is important to stay positive. Companies like to hire passionate, confident people, so show your great attitude to potential employers for your best chances of being hired.

How do you stay positive during your search? Share in the comments!